Welcome to Nova Scotia Agate

We offer agate, jasper and amethyst for sale, collected from the Bay of Fundy region of Nova Scotia, Canada.  We specialize in the unique Nova Scotia flame agates such as the Golden Flame, Red Flame and Cherry Flame agates.

The Bay of Fundy region of Nova Scotia is an excellent location for mineral collecting (the Bay itself is world-renowned for the highest tides in the world).  Each day vast amounts of water flow into (and out of) the upper Minas Channel area.  This daily ebb and flow of the tide carves rock from the surrounding basalt cliffs, which exposes new agate seams and pockets to the avid rockhound.

The Blomidon Penninsula is particularly rich in agate, amethyst and zeolites.  Walking the coastal beaches surrounding Blomidon, one can easily fill a backpack with agate.  It is not surprising that agate is Nova Scotia's Provincial gemstone.

The agate, jasper and amethyst found throughout this website have all been collected along the Bay of Fundy region of Nova Scotia.  Popular collecting localities include Wilma's Beach, Big Eddy, Cape Split and Amethyst Cove.  For those interested, most of our mineral collecting trips are posted as galleries on the Nova Scotia Agate Facebook page.

All of the specimens listed throughout this website are offered for sale (please note that pricing does not include shipping).  If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the specimens, please contact us to arrange shipping and payment.